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WMD Profiles

This page contains brief histories of the nuclear, chemical, biological and missile programs of Iraq. It also provides links to Wisconsin Project articles on the subject. For official U.N. or government documents on Iraq's WMD programs, please see the "UN documents" or "Government documents" pages of the Iraq Watch web site. For the most current information on Iraq's weapon programs, please view the updates on the Iraq Watch home page.  

Program Histories

Chemical Nuclear
Biological Missile

Related Wisconsin Project Articles and Speeches:

Date Article
03-04-03 The Road to War...and Beyond
01-28-03 Hans the Irrelevant
11-26-02 Hans the Timid
October 2002 The Snare of Inspections
09-16-02 Why Iraq Will Defeat Arms Inspectors
05-17-01 Comments on the Al Qa'qa Bomb
04-29-01 Document Reveals 1987 Bomb Test by Iraq
12-13-99 Saddam's Shopping Spree

What the Inspectors Can't Find and Why They Can't Find It
Section 1: Poison Gas
Section 2: Germ Warfare Agents, Nuclear Weapons, Ballistic Missiles

11-19-97 Could Iraq Have the Atomic Bomb?
02-01-93 The Iraqi Bomb
06-28-92 Nuclear Needles in an Iraqi Haystack
03-08-92 Building Saddam Hussein's Bomb
09-27-91 U.S. Is Building Up a Picture of Vast Iraqi Atom Program
08-14-91 Maybe Saddam Did the World a Favor
08-10-91 Stop the Nuclear Threat at the Source
11-25-90 A Mideast Dilemma: What Is Saddam's Nuclear Timetable?


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As of August 2006, Iraq Watch is no longer being updated. Click here for more information.

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