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Iraq's Suppliers

This page provides a database of entities - persons, companies, governments - that are thought to have supplied technology, equipment or expertise to Iraq's nuclear, chemical, biological or advanced conventional weapons programs or to its missile programs. 

The information presented here has been collected from sources the Wisconsin Project believes to be reliable; however, the Wisconsin Project does not guarantee full accuracy or completeness.

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Wisconsin Project Publications on Iraq's Suppliers:

Date Article
04-13-03 The Means to Make the Poisons Came From the West Graphic
03-24-03 A Vile Business
09-15-02 Psst ... Can I Get A Bomb Trigger? (476K)
10-01 Commentary: Letters from Readers - Scott Ritter's Letter and the Project's Response
07-01 Shopping with Saddam Hussein
06-18-01 UN Sanctions Didn't Stop Iraq from Buying Weapons
03-19-01 Technology Two-Timing
12-13-99 Saddam's Shopping Spree
07-18-93 Who Armed Iraq?
04-26-93 Iraq's Bomb - an Update
06-04-92 Iraq's Bomb, Chip by Chip
12-22-91 How Western Greed Created Hussein's Iraq
06-25-91 Military Export to Iraq Come Under Scrutiny
06-20-91 US-Approved Exports May Have Aided Iraqi Army, Says Report
06-20-91 Study: Commerce Dept. Aided Iraqi Arms Buildup
06-91 Licensing Mass Destruction
03-91 Iraq and the Bomb
11-29-90 Better Nuclear Prevention than Cure
07-29-90 Must the U.S. Give Brazil and Iraq the Bomb?



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As of August 2006, Iraq Watch is no longer being updated. Click here for more information.

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