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Prepared by the Iraqi National Congress
London, England



The Iraqi National Congress (INC) recognises that ultimate political power rests in the people of Iraq as a whole, irrespective of ethnicity, religion or ideological affiliation. It wishes to see Iraq established as an open, unified, democratic, parliamentary and pluralistic society, free from the tyranny of Saddam Husseinís dictatorship. A new constitution guaranteeing equality before the law for all Iraqi citizens, together with an independent judiciary, will ensure a return to the rule of law and respect for all human rights and religious freedoms.

Unity through diversity is the vision that drives the INCís efforts. The INC supports a federalist Iraq with a strong elected centre supplemented by regional and local authorities. In this way, both internal cohesion and minority rights will be properly protected. The INC itself is a living symbol of this new Iraqi society, having a democratic structure and reflecting the make up of Iraqi society.

As the umbrella of the united opposition to Saddam Hussein, the INC is committed to holding nationwide elections on the basis of a secret ballot within a reasonable period of the fall of the current regime. The ballot box will then become the sole arbiter of political legitimacy in Iraq.

The INC supports controlled and monitored humanitarian relief for the people of Iraq under the current oppressive regime. The INC maintains that without international supervision, desperately needed humanitarian goods will not be distributed to citizens in need, but hoarded for the profiteering of the Iraqi regimeís leaders.

The INC wishes to see a transformation of national life within Iraq and full restoration of the infrastructure and economy of the whole nation. The INC will work with foreign governments, multilateral organisations and the international business community to attract the funds necessary to rebuild Iraq and meet the basic material needs of its people.

The INC is committed to an Iraq that is at peace with its neighbours; has re-established diplomatic relations with key nations; plays a full and proper role in the affairs of the UN and other international institutions; and abides by the UN Charter and all its associated declarations and conventions.





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As of August 2006, Iraq Watch is no longer being updated. Click here for more information.

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