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Controlled Items

This page contains the new Goods Review List, a list of items controlled for export to Iraq under U.N. Resolution 1409, adopted by the U.N. Security Council in May 2002. Contracts containing items on the list are reviewed by the U.N. Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), as well as the Sanctions Committee organized pursuant to Resolution 661. It is not a denial list.

Before a listed item can be sold to Iraq, the exporting states must notify the Office of the Iraq Program (OIP) through its permanent or observer missions to the United Nations; U.N. agencies and programs can notify the OIP directly.

This page also contains the previous U.N. "trigger" lists, which specified the items controlled for export to Iraq before the GRL was adopted. One list, known as "Annex 3" (and its appendix), was monitored by the IAEA and applied to items that could be used to advance Iraq's nuclear weapon program. The second list, "Annex 2," was monitored by the U.N. Special Commission (UNSCOM) and contained items that could help Iraq's chemical or biological weapon programs or its long-range missile programs.

To sell items on these control lists required the exporting company or government, and Iraq, to notify the IAEA or UNSCOM of the intent to make a sale and of the receipt of any controlled item. U.N. monitors then had the right to inspect the items at their place of use, in order to assess their purpose, tag and inventory them as necessary, and incorporate them into the monitoring plans for the relevant site. In addition, specially marked items on the control lists were prohibited to Iraq altogether under U.N. Security Council Resolution 687.

UNMOVIC has revised the lists of monitored items and, if allowed back into Iraq, will assume UNSCOM's responsibilities with respect to keeping track of them.

View the Goods Review List (GRL):

Goods Review List (unofficial) accompanying Resolution 1409 (21 May 2002)

View The Annexes:

Revised Annexes
UNMOVIC "Revised Annex 2" Chemical Items (1 June 2001)
UNMOVIC "Revised Appendix to Annex 3" Biological Items (1 June 2001)
UNMOVIC "Revised Annex 4" Missile Items (1 June 2001)

IAEA "Revised Annex 3" Nuclear Items (3 June 2001)

Previous Annexes
UNSCOM "Annex 2" Chemical, Biological and Missile Items
IAEA "Annex 3" Nuclear Items
     Appendix to IAEA annex 3


Other Resources:

DOE - Handbook for Notification of Exports to Iraq Annex 3




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